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Felblob Parcel’s

CryptoVoxels Parcel (Cryptovoxels Link)

Wallpaper Engine (Use this to view my parcel as a wallpaper through steam!)


What is CryptoVoxels?

CryptoVoxels is a new Ethereum based DApp described by the main developer Bnolan as the following, ” Cryptovoxels is a user owned virtual world that is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Users can buy land and build virtual stores, art galleries, music studios or anything else you can imagine. The editing tools are built into the world, and multiuser voice chat lets you spend time with friends exploring the city. “

In CV you can build as if you are in minecraft, yet you own your property within a city where all the other owners of property also live. You can build in real-time and add detail to your estates such as links to NFT’s for sale on or art you have purchased from

You can play CV by visiting from any Web3 enabled browser such as Trust Wallet. Connect your Ethereum account and you can purchase a parcel within the game world.

What is Trust Wallet?

Trust wallet is a Web3 enabled wallet that allows you to run Decentralized Apps known as DApps from within your browser using funds from your build in cryptocurrency wallets. Read more about Trust wallet at

Where Can I find Tools?

Some tools to help you build can be found here:

CV – Nexus: Model importing tools, and more. Estate sales

MagicaVoxel: A tool for creating your estates from outside of the game world.

Where is the Community?

The best place is in the CV discord

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